Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What's an Easter Market?

Today I boarded a train to Bratislava with an eager 9 year old in search of an Easter Market.  He was fueled up after 2 donuts and I had my Starbucks latte.  All was right with the world as we made it to the train on time and settled in for the less than an hour ride from Vienna to Bratislava.  The sun was peeking through the clouds and the day was full of promise.

Until the sugar wore off.

As we pulled into Bratislava, the winds picked up, but we were not deterred.  With our mission in mind, we made our way from the train station to the old town.  I had fond memories of the Bratislava Christmas Market, the beautiful handcrafts, food and drink stands.....oh happy times.  I had been spinning tales of how the Easter Market would be much of the same, except the beautiful ornaments would be replaced by hand painted eggs and local Easter candies.

Until we arrived at the Old Town Square.

By this time, rain had arrived and our umbrella was safe and dry at home in Vienna.  Maybe we were in the wrong square and if we wandered around the Easter Market would appear!  No such luck.  I even ducked into a coffee shop to ask directions and the lovely woman at the counter had to Google "Easter Market" to figure out what I was asking about.  This is always a bad sign.  Apparently, the Bratislava Easter Market is only during the weekend before Easter.

By now we were soaked and hungry and far enough away from the train station to really feel miserable.

Until we spied a vintage shop.

After a brief visit, we made our way to lunch.  Unfortunately, the rain grew stronger as we headed back to the train station for our return trip.

Until we found a market with an Easter decoration.  A Bratislava Easter Market.

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