Friday, May 24, 2013


I'm sitting in my kitchen surrounded by boxes and movers carting our life away. The container arrives next, for all of the furniture. They tell me that it will all arrive in Vienna in 4-6 weeks, unless the container goes "Madagascar" on us.

A couple of tips for preparing for an international move:

1. A professional appraisal for replacement cost value. I now have photos, descriptions and replacement cost on our most valuable, fragile and treasured pieces. First review the insurance terms and conditions and have the appraisal prepared accordingly. Ours is valued in Euros, so check the currency requirement.

2. Prepare an inventory for everything being packed. Once the boxes close, you won't have to wonder if your lobster claw harmonica is on its way to the new house.

3. Organize a "jump kit". Buy a couple of expandable file folders for important papers and receipts. If you are hand carrying valuables or jewelry, purchase storage containers small enough for carry on luggage. Pack enough clothes and even some household items to have on hand until the overseas container arrives. Use space bags to maximize the room in luggage going with you.

4. Start a "move book". All of my lists are in a spiral notebook, never far from reach.

5. Wine. At the end of the day, even though you might be tempted to start drinking at breakfast.