Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner"

We were floundering with making choices for Spring Break travel when a friend shared their plan for a quick trip to a "wellness resort" on Carinthia's Worthersee, a large alpine lake in Southern Austria.  Werzers Portschach Resort was our destination and the scenery was incredible.

The resort areas also had such a retro vibe.  In its heyday (1950s-1970s) the population of summer visitors would swell to several hundred thousand.

In fact, Werzers looks like the "Borscht Belt" resorts of the Catskills (oh, the irony), with its chintz covered antique furniture in the halls.  The daily drill for the majority of the guests went something like this:  communal buffet breakfast, lounging in the spa, thermal or family pool, skinny dipping in the lake (pass the eye bleach, please), smoking a pack of cigarettes in a white spa robe, lather....rinse....repeat, until dinner time buffet-complete with assigned tables.  After dinner, the guests gathered in the lobby to listen to the musical entertainment, smoke another pack of cigarettes and watch the children run wild.

My God, it is the Catskills.

Now, how do I say "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" in German?

Catskills vintage postcard

Catskills vintage postcard

Werzers today

Just add some music and you get the idea.