Monday, June 9, 2014

A Fair to Remember

Things are heating up in Vienna.  This is an unfriendly reminder that we have no air conditioning, along with most of the rest of the city.  Spending time in the great outdoors is on everyone's agenda, especially in the cooler evenings.  This weekend, the Wiener Kirtag (Vienna Fair) was in town so we decided to check it out.  One of the great things about living in Vienna is there is always something going on, festivals pop up every weekend.  A good place to keep up with events is the Vienna tourism website:  Vienna - Now or Never

A few pictures from the fair.  Have a fantastic Summer season, wherever your adventures take you!

Beer?  check

Live Music?  check

Summer Fashion?  check

Fried Food?  check

Inflated Wurst?  check check

Men in Lederhosen?  check

Cute Dirndl?  check

Rides under the watchful eyes of Emperor Franz Josef's theater?   check

Dangerous swing rides with no restraints and little supervision?  check

Men in Bunny Ears?  check check

Good looking guys waiting to hand over a cold beer?  OH YEAH!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Don't Forget to Look Up

Last week the 3rd Grader and I went on a day adventure to The Albertina.  This is our second visit together and we had another enjoyable afternoon.  After quickly discovering the obvious-I have a longer attention span than a 10 year old when it comes to art museums, I bought a year membership card for 60 euros.  Now I won't feel rushed if the kiddo wants to move along before I do.  This visit we walked through 2 exhibits:  From Dürer to Napoleon and Alex Katz.

The first exhibit showcased the collection of the museum's founder Duke Albert of Saxony-Teschen who was married to Archduchess Marie Christine.  What I like about these two is that they married for love.  Really, they were "allowed" to marry for love because Marie Christine was a favorite daughter of Empress Maria Theresa.  That is a big deal if you consider the fate of her younger sister Marie Antoinette.  Second, Albert had a passion for collecting for the love of the collection.  He amassed graphic art, art, books, furnishings, papers, silver and created an indivisible estate, hence The Albertina Museum.  The highlight of the museum is the once a decade public showing of "The Hare" by Albrecht Dürer.  This masterpiece was created in 1502 and is a watercolor-bodycolor.  The image is so lifelike, contemporary in my view and created during the times of Michelangelo, Rubens,  and Raphael (whose works were also collected by Albert and are on display).

Love the bunny, but my personal favorite is "Wing of a Roller", watercolor and gouache 1512 by Dürer.

Wiki Photo "The Hare"

Wiki Photo "Wing of a Roller"

To snap us back into the 20th-21st Century, we strolled through the Alex Katz exhibit where the 10 year old took some photos to share.  Pop art, cartoons and drawings, represent a gift of 60 works from the American artist to The Albertina.

"Black Hat 2" 2010
The Albertina building itself was also home to Hapsburg family members and Spanish Royalty (hence The Spanish Apartments).  21 staterooms are open for the public to view.  On our first visit, I fell in love with the chandeliers.  This time I photographed them, although pictures do not convey the beauty of these lights.  I could spend hours on end looking at the rooms and chandeliers.  While the art on the walls is impressive, don't forget to look up.

Your Photographers!