Thursday, September 12, 2013

Feathering Our Nest

Today was big doings at our apartment.  The window coverings were installed.  With 17 foot ceilings, we are dealing with some pretty large windows.  We also have some pretty close neighbors.  The sheers that were on the windows contributed to a "Rear Window" effect in our apartment.  Mike and I are for sure NO Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly, but we did have our fair share of peek-a-boo moments.  Hence, the purchase of new window coverings.

The process was *insert sarcasm here* fairly straightforward, the owner of our building has a friend who has a Nähatelier, we had a design consultation and measurements, I could not make a decision, we consulted yet again, I decided to play faux HGTV interior decorator, I was invited to her shop to look at fabrics, I was tasked with taking the fabrics home and making a final decision for crying out loud.

So, here are the before and after pictures. We are now the proud owners of black-out shades, semi black-out shades, semi black-out curtains, one set of fancy sheers and a bunch of leftover sheers, some of which may or may not be put back up. The faux HGTV interior designer in me says we need to order a set of fancy sheers for under the bedroom curtains.  The owner of the Nähatelier agrees.
I don't think we will be moving for a while.
Or ordering an automobile.
Or eating.

My assumption is that when you are working with a Nähatelier, the bill just goes directly to the husband.  *insert nervous laugh here*

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

While the Cat's Away

You know the rest.  School is now in session and I am making more effort to expand my horizons beyond the Dorotheum auction and the grocery store (the sore subject of a future post).  I hope to spend time visiting places that I know the rest of the clan would have little interest in and patience for.

Although today was supposed to be about laundry, it ended up being about Linda McCartney.  A couple of weeks ago, I spied this sign in the park.  Interested mainly because I remembered Linda McCartney as a talented photographer who had a connection to Tucson, Arizona-she attended the
U of A and sadly succumbed to cancer at her Tucson ranch home in 1998.  I put the exhibit on my list of things to do.

This morning, I set off in search of Linda.  Google maps does not always send you on the scenic tour and this route under and along the train track was downright spooky, thank goodness for daylight.

The exhibit is actually at the Museum Hundertwasser which is a converted Thonet furniture factory and  part of Kunst Haus Wien, a series of locations celebrating the vision, life and work of Austrian artist/graphic designer/ecological activist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000).  Two floors are a retrospective exhibit of his career and I'm looking forward to learning more about his work.

The Linda McCartney exhibit covered the remaining two floors and contains some of her incredible rock portraiture from the 1960s.  She was the first female to have a photograph on the cover of Rolling Stone.  Check your 1968 collection, yard sales and estate sales-Linda's work resulted in this cover of Eric Clapton (taken from the internet).  eBay auctions are completing at about $110.00 for this one.

It was also an intimate exhibit, her personal photography of family, self, animals and social commentary was very moving.  A film featuring her 1968 photos of the Grateful Dead brought her subjects to life in time, space and movement.  Finally, there was about an hour long documentary rolling about her life and photography.  Filmed in NYC, the backdrop of the World Trade Center brought tears to the eyes of some in the audience, mine included.  Linda McCartney was only 56 when she died.

It was shortly (like a nanosecond) after I bought my ticket and discovered Hundertwasser that I realized for only 11 Euros more, I could buy an annual pass to return and spend more time with the Hundertwasser collection and any future temporary collections.  Hah!   When I nicely asked at the desk if it was possible to count my current ticket toward the purchase of an annual pass, I was dismissed as if I were a misbehaving child with a wave of the hand and a single word "history".  Luckily, I found a nearby spot to cool off and reflect on the beauty of Linda McCartney's life and talent.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Roman Holiday

Of course you've heard of Carnuntum, former home of Marcus Aurelius from 175-178 A.D. and site of the Emperor's Conference in 308 A.D. which established the freedom of religion (Christianity) in the Roman Empire.  Well, neither had we.  When we were invited to visit this Roman ruin, I thought we were headed to Italy and Jake asked "Do we need togas?"

We are now both educated and amazed that this treasure is only about 30 minutes from Vienna and continues to be a live archeological dig.   We spent our time at the Roman civilian city and the military encampment amphitheater.  The civilian city has been rebuilt on its original foundations using building techniques and interior designs faithful to the original.  Unfortunately, we missed the live re-enactment, complete with Gladiators and Legions.  We will pack our togas for a return visit next season.

Visitor Center
Villa Urbana
Kitchen-Real Food for Display (another visitor chowed down)
Roman Public Baths
Spa-Cool Bath
Spa-Hot Bath (it was toasty)
Jake's Inner Gladiator Comes Out
The Dig Continues
After all of the history, we shopped until we dropped at a nearby mega outlet mall and had dinner at Steak House Parndorf.
A taste of Texas in Bundesland Niederosterreich.
Complete with American Flag.