Sunday, September 1, 2013

Roman Holiday

Of course you've heard of Carnuntum, former home of Marcus Aurelius from 175-178 A.D. and site of the Emperor's Conference in 308 A.D. which established the freedom of religion (Christianity) in the Roman Empire.  Well, neither had we.  When we were invited to visit this Roman ruin, I thought we were headed to Italy and Jake asked "Do we need togas?"

We are now both educated and amazed that this treasure is only about 30 minutes from Vienna and continues to be a live archeological dig.   We spent our time at the Roman civilian city and the military encampment amphitheater.  The civilian city has been rebuilt on its original foundations using building techniques and interior designs faithful to the original.  Unfortunately, we missed the live re-enactment, complete with Gladiators and Legions.  We will pack our togas for a return visit next season.

Visitor Center
Villa Urbana
Kitchen-Real Food for Display (another visitor chowed down)
Roman Public Baths
Spa-Cool Bath
Spa-Hot Bath (it was toasty)
Jake's Inner Gladiator Comes Out
The Dig Continues
After all of the history, we shopped until we dropped at a nearby mega outlet mall and had dinner at Steak House Parndorf.
A taste of Texas in Bundesland Niederosterreich.
Complete with American Flag.

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