Thursday, September 12, 2013

Feathering Our Nest

Today was big doings at our apartment.  The window coverings were installed.  With 17 foot ceilings, we are dealing with some pretty large windows.  We also have some pretty close neighbors.  The sheers that were on the windows contributed to a "Rear Window" effect in our apartment.  Mike and I are for sure NO Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly, but we did have our fair share of peek-a-boo moments.  Hence, the purchase of new window coverings.

The process was *insert sarcasm here* fairly straightforward, the owner of our building has a friend who has a Nähatelier, we had a design consultation and measurements, I could not make a decision, we consulted yet again, I decided to play faux HGTV interior decorator, I was invited to her shop to look at fabrics, I was tasked with taking the fabrics home and making a final decision for crying out loud.

So, here are the before and after pictures. We are now the proud owners of black-out shades, semi black-out shades, semi black-out curtains, one set of fancy sheers and a bunch of leftover sheers, some of which may or may not be put back up. The faux HGTV interior designer in me says we need to order a set of fancy sheers for under the bedroom curtains.  The owner of the Nähatelier agrees.
I don't think we will be moving for a while.
Or ordering an automobile.
Or eating.

My assumption is that when you are working with a Nähatelier, the bill just goes directly to the husband.  *insert nervous laugh here*

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