Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Antiques Diva and Me

It has been a while since my last post, sorry dear readers, we've been on a steep learning curve when it comes to life in Vienna PLUS we've been enjoying a visit from dear friends from Arizona.

As I've mentioned here before, a long time interest in other people's treasures resulted in great days spent with Arizona Family Estate Sales & Appraisals, LLC and my thrift shop booth, Retro Ranch Resale at Copper Country Antiques in Tucson.  The birth of "Retro" for you below, I truly miss it.

Add earning an International Society of Appraisers antique/personal property appraisal certification to the weekend estate sale and thrift shop action and you have a full blown HOBBY.  Even before the move to Vienna, I looked for information on antiques shopping in my new city and found The Antiques Diva on the internet.  What an interesting story of how a trailing spouse found her calling organizing antique shopping tours and started a business empire across Europe.  I started following her on both Facebook and through her blog and before long reached out to see if there was some way my appraisal certification and experience might fit with her business model.

Lucky for me, she extended an invitation I could not refuse, a guest blog opportunity on vintage and thrift shopping in Vienna.  Feeling like a cub investigative reporter on her first assignment, I set out to do my research while loving every minute of it.  The final product linked below.

My "pie in the sky" dream is to launch an appraisal service for expats or shoppers who are shipping antiques and residential contents back to the United States.  Our personal experience with damaged items during our move and the utility of a professional appraisal during the insurance claim process tells me that this type of service is valuable.  The challenge will be turning the dream into a reality.  The Antiques Diva graciously provided both an opportunity and inspiration.  Thank You.

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