Thursday, June 6, 2013

Giving Dairy Queen its Due

One of the questions I've been asked when talking about our move to Vienna is:  "What will you miss most about living here?"  After the priorities are covered:  family, friends, our house, my career and the community, I usually add:  Dairy Queen.  This typically ends the conversation with a trailing "oh, well, hmm, well, good luck to you."

So, I am here to give Dairy Queen its due respect.  When I was growing up, I absolutely loved the trip to Dairy Queen in Morrisville, Pennsylvania.  Riding in the car down toward the Delaware River on a summer night, making that turn on Delmorr Ave, across the railroad tracks, to this DQ glowing in the hot and sticky night air.

Note the two walk-up windows.  Some nights the line would stretch to the street.  What a great place.

Now Dairy Queen and I have stayed in touch over the years.  Of course, there have been others.  Farrell's, Greenwood Dairy, Goodnoes, The Penn State Sub Shop and The Penn State Creamery, to name just a few.

When Mike and I were looking to buy in Tucson in 2000, we focused on the Tucson Country Club neighborhood because it had mid-century homes and was close to the golf club we joined.  All of this was nice, but I was giddy with the thought of the Diary Queen located at the entrance to the neighborhood.

We made many visits over the years, a quick drive through, sometimes a seat on the patio to watch the world go by or a cake ordered for a special occasion. Our final visit to Dairy Queen was after one of Jake's swim meets.  A hot night in the Tucson desert.  The perfect night for a DQ dessert.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Estate of Affairs

We are having an Estate Sale. June 8. I thought preparing for the move was crazy.

As good fortune would have it, we have the assistance of Lynn Roberts at AZ Family Estate Sales and Appraisals, LLC. Lynn is my friend. I owe her a debt of gratitude for much more than the gritty job of running a sale at my house.

Actually, this is a tale of two friends. I have to include Stephanie here, she helped a wounded bird fly, as is her nature. She introduced me to Lynn because I like antiques/vintage and Lynn runs an Estate Sale business. Makes perfect sense.  I love the way Stephanie thinks.

Stephanie also helped me "dumpster dive" at the home of my former friend. Was this wrong, I ask?  No, I answer.  Not when the first trash bag was opened and a blue Tiffany box containing a Christmas gift I gave her from years past was at the top of the heap.  This former friend not only abandoned people who loved her, but left for garbage 3 dumpsters full of possessions. As the saying goes, trash became treasure and with Stephanie's help and good humor, retro.ranch.resale was founded in the back of a thrift shop.

Meanwhile, Lynn continued to let me to hang around her weekend estate sales.  I was hooked and she was patient with my questions, opinions and general chatter.  She is a hard worker.  I like examining items and thinking about the stories they silently carry.  That can be problematic when you have 50 years of "stuff" to organize for a sale and two weeks to do it.  Did I mention that Lynn is a hard worker?

One of our conversations led to a decision to become certified appraisers of antiques and residential contents through the International Society of Appraisers. I quickly learned how little I knew and how much I valued Lynn's expertise.  And how much fun I was having.  Maybe someday she will hire me into her successful business.

Now we come full circle.  Both Lynn and Stephanie will be working our Estate Sale this weekend, along with a crew of people whose kindness, support and hard work I greatly appreciate.  Stop by and see them.  I am proud to call them my friends.

Laurie and Lynn, ISA AM Appraisers