Thursday, June 6, 2013

Giving Dairy Queen its Due

One of the questions I've been asked when talking about our move to Vienna is:  "What will you miss most about living here?"  After the priorities are covered:  family, friends, our house, my career and the community, I usually add:  Dairy Queen.  This typically ends the conversation with a trailing "oh, well, hmm, well, good luck to you."

So, I am here to give Dairy Queen its due respect.  When I was growing up, I absolutely loved the trip to Dairy Queen in Morrisville, Pennsylvania.  Riding in the car down toward the Delaware River on a summer night, making that turn on Delmorr Ave, across the railroad tracks, to this DQ glowing in the hot and sticky night air.

Note the two walk-up windows.  Some nights the line would stretch to the street.  What a great place.

Now Dairy Queen and I have stayed in touch over the years.  Of course, there have been others.  Farrell's, Greenwood Dairy, Goodnoes, The Penn State Sub Shop and The Penn State Creamery, to name just a few.

When Mike and I were looking to buy in Tucson in 2000, we focused on the Tucson Country Club neighborhood because it had mid-century homes and was close to the golf club we joined.  All of this was nice, but I was giddy with the thought of the Diary Queen located at the entrance to the neighborhood.

We made many visits over the years, a quick drive through, sometimes a seat on the patio to watch the world go by or a cake ordered for a special occasion. Our final visit to Dairy Queen was after one of Jake's swim meets.  A hot night in the Tucson desert.  The perfect night for a DQ dessert.  

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