Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Doors and Windows

A diversion of sorts, if you will indulge.  The path to Vienna for our family has been filled with the sound of doors closing and windows opening (and breaking).   Or perhaps it's a different sound....."The Sound of Music", a movie Jake watches repeatedly and will no doubt watch again this very weekend.  Put me on Team Fraulein Maria when she exits the Abbey toward her future and says, "When the Lord closes a door.....somewhere He opens a window."

There are times, however, one needs to take a moment and embrace the closed doors without hurrying to find the open window.  A stroll along our street is one of those times.

My head really needs to be on a swivel stick as I fully expect to bounce off a pole someday and I don't mean a long lost relative (insert family shout out here-come visit!).  The first time we walked from StadPark to Rennweg, all I could say was "the doors!....ooooh the doors....oh, look at those doors!"  Repeated so many times you would think Jim Morrison was taking a curtain call.  Doors both beautiful and closed, guarding the mystery inside.

Art Nouveau
Circles and Scrolls
Art Deco Combo
Actual Door Closed-Window Open
1905 Dude Over Greek Key
Detailed Delight
Shell Game

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