Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bicycles and Bunnies

After Church on Sunday we wandered toward the commotion at the Rathaus and discovered a bicycle festival.  Bicyclists here have their own lanes and are one notch above pedestrians on the shared paths.  They ring their bells at the unsuspecting, causing one to jump out of the way in fear, as they whiz by with attitude.  This orderly chaos seems to work, but I have witnessed games of chicken "Austrian style" (zero eye contact) between cyclists and pedestrians.  Yesterday, the bikes took to the air and took over the Ringstrasse.  No trams, no cars, only bikes and people powered scooters.  Oh and 9 year old boys marveling at the empty roadway.

After the bike fest, we made our way into the Easter markets.  With memories of Christmas markets faded, we strolled the displays of hand painted eggs, spring time decorations, crafts, flowers and (of course) snacks.  We hopped along the bunny trail until the pouring rains arrived.

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