Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finders Keepers

Welcome to this first installment of Finders Keepers.  Friends know that I like to hang out at flea markets and vintage stores.  I've cajoled many of them into joining me for such outings whether they liked it or not.  Since moving to Vienna, I've spent time exploring and being overwhelmed at the sheer number of antique stores and vintage shops.  While the Inner Stadt antique stores are beautiful to look at, the price point is beyond what I'm able to spend.  I seriously doubt any dealer will negotiate the thousands of euros into my desired range.  So I've started circling back to a few of the places where quality, selection and price through negotiation fit the pocketbook nicely.  Yes, I'm starting to buy.

Of course, it is hard to pass up so many beautiful things, so I take a photo here and there.  Maybe the piece will be on sale eventually or maybe you will see something here and say "I must I have that!" just let me know-where there's a will, we will find a way.  If you are local and have a "wish list" I'll scout for you, consult on a find or show you my favorite stores.  For now, I'm happy to share the treasures and my purchases here on Finders Keepers.




  1. Ooh, I'm spying cabinets in the snap of the blue benches. Just how far removed in cost from the one I spied yesterday are they?

    1. Interesting fact about this "secret" antique source. Nothing I looked at was priced. They give you the "eye" and decide how much "you" pay. I'll email you the link to their location. I've got my eye on something there, so if you find a cabinet we can negotiate on both price and delivery.