Saturday, December 13, 2014

We Are The World

I'm a member of the United Nations Women's Guild (UNWG) of Vienna.  In January 2014, I volunteered to be the Manager of the UNWG Kiosk.  The Kiosk is a small shop located at the Vienna International Center where we sell a variety of items sourced and donated from around the world, along with Austria souvenirs, T-Shirts and handmade jewelry created by our volunteer staff.

The money from the sales go directly into the UNWG Charity Fund.  In addition, proceeds from other fundraising activities, like the UNWG International Bazaar, are distributed annually to charity projects supporting women and children around the world.  

In 2014, the UNWG Vienna allocated 237,778 euros (about 300k dollars) for 37 projects in 28 countries.

When I was little, this was one of my favorite toys:

If You See in a Thrift Shop, Buy for Me!  The Tom Thumb Pink Cash Register.  Beloved by this Child of the 1960s.

Now you know why I've loved working at the Kiosk and also why a career in sales was a great way to spend more than 15 years of my professional life!

The UNWG Kiosk enjoyed a very successful 2014, so proud of our team, appreciative of the guidance from our more experienced volunteers and confident we will continue to grow in 2015.  In addition, I was just elected to serve on the UNWG Board of Directors.  In this regard, I am my Father's Daughter.  Find a group you like, then work from within to bring continued success through service, process improvement and innovation.  Looking forward to the opportunities ahead.

UNWG Kiosk Bazaar Stall 2014

UNWG Kiosk Bazaar 2014

During the last weekend in November, I had my first experience at the UNWG International Bazaar.  The World was there, literally.  Stalls stocked with items for sale, representations from each participating country.  Food and drink from all points across the globe.  Entertainment and music filled The Austria Center.  Just in case you decide to visit, Bazaar weekend is incredibly fun.  Shopping, eating, drinking (did I mention the Cubans were making mojitos and the UK had a whiskey bar?) all in a single stop.  A joyful event, outside of Disney and the Olympics, when it's really a small world after all.

The Treasures of Egypt

Saudi Style

The World is Here!


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