Saturday, December 6, 2014

Because The Night

It's Christmas Market time again!  We've made our rounds and consensus is the Medieval Market at the Arsenal remains a favorite.  We wish it lasted longer than one weekend, but feel thankful we braved the rain to make it out this evening.  We walked through Belvedere, to get a glimpse of how the "palace people" were celebrating, before heading to the Arsenal.......where they have fire, cauldrons, swords and troubadours.  Our kind of folk.

Belvedere Christmas Market

A View to the Belvedere Market

Arsenal Medieval Market

Cauldrons of Good Stuff

Troubadours? Minstrels?  They were Rocking!

My Name is Inigo Montoya......

Making Shoes, the Old Fashioned Way

Oh Little Star of Arsenal.....

Fish Over Fire

Because the night belongs to us.

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