Friday, January 10, 2014

Mr. Blue Sky

It has only been a few days of continuous grey, fog and mist, but when it's all combined with the drab winter coat colors and serious faces one can feel the blah mood of winter try to take hold.

As always, brighter days are ahead and we have one brief moment in Vienna right now! Walking out the door and I'm in my personal ELO video.

You won't see me doing my impression of Tawny Kitaen a la Whitesnake, but I am singing Mr. Blue Sky on the Ubahn.

Next year, a red winter coat.

Have a Happy Weekend!

Running Down the Avenue, See How the Sun Shines Brightly

In the City on the Streets, Where Once Was Pity

Mr. Blue Sky is Living Here Today

As this is my first multi-media blog, please click the video, turn up the volume and sing along with me and Jeff Lynne!

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