Sunday, January 26, 2014

Boy Wonder

One of the exciting aspects of the international move is the opportunity to try new things, to go on adventures we never could have by staying in Tucson.  While there have been trade-offs, challenges and "what the hell have we done?" moments, the rewards are many and often unexpected.

We've been trying to document the experience, both through this blog and our personal Facebook accounts.  Sometimes, we rely on our Jake to take the photo.  He received some nice comments on his abilities with his iPhone snaps, so we gave him our extra digital camera to start composing and capturing his own photographs.

The guys headed out for some fresh air this afternoon and here is their walk in photos.  When I asked what he would like to share with those who see his pictures, he replied in a thoughtfully serious 9 year old voice:  "I want them to see my beautiful Vienna."

Well done kiddo.

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