Saturday, July 27, 2013

What's in Your Closet?

Please do me a favor.  Right now.  Walk into your bedroom, open your closet and whisper these three little words:  "I Love You."  The bottom line is that we don't realize how much we take household conveniences for granted, until we don't have them.  Like air conditioners, frost free refrigerators and built in bedroom closets.

Today, I am having a Meat Loaf moment, because right now I have 2 out of 3.  And that ain't bad.

Back to the question, "who intentionally moves into an apartment with no closets?"  Well, we did.  We must have been so taken by the Viennese charm of the place that we overlooked that little detail.  Or perhaps it was too many schnitzels and beer.

Closets are not part of the floor plan in many older apartments.  Last I checked, ours was built in the late 19th Century.  Between you and me, there has been plenty of time to right this wrong.  One week ago the space in our bedroom where a closet should be was looking like this:

What you don't see are the additional 4 wardrobe boxes lining the hallway.  So started the Great Closet Search of 2013.  We quickly learned two things:  closets are sold with bedroom sets and they are not cheap.

Training the Youth not to Expect a Built-in Closet
Then there is JOOP! Actually, that was the sound I made when I opened the closet and saw the price.


Holy %$#ing JOOP!  

Yes, that is the price for the closet only.  About $3000. depending on the exchange rate.  It was at that moment, Mike decided to take control of the situation.  I've never seen him shop with such gusto.  Eagle Eye Johnson quickly zeroed in on the deal of the day and his Bank Austria credit card flew by me in a flash.

We Have Clearance Clarence

Less than one week later our bedroom closet was installed, prompting Jake to ask "When do I get a one?"  I think I will leave that to Eagle Eye Johnson, who quickly sorts through the JOOP! to find the gem.

Closets are a Girl's Best Friend

Now, with temperatures expected to hit 99 degrees with 60% humidity this weekend, the only question that remains is:  "who intentionally moves into an apartment with no air conditioning?"

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