Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dora the Explorer

Of course I promised Jake we would spend our time exploring Vienna as soon as we arrived.

He decided to cash in on that promise last week.  Like Dora and Boots, we planned an adventure every day, except for Tuesday when our household shipment arrived.  Truth be told, getting out of the apartment daily is a good thing, only so much time can be spent with a roll of shelf paper and a swiffer.

Monday we toured the 40 public rooms at Schonbrunn Palace, the Rococo summer digs of the Hapsburg monarchy.  Schonbrunn is also where that Salzburg sensation, six year old W.A. Mozart (and his sister) performed in 1762, much to the delight of Empress Maria Theresia and family.  After the Palace tour, we climbed the hill behind Neptune Fountain to the Gloriette for some views and a much needed strudel and ice cream break.  We also took our first iPhone "selfie"which is preserved on this blog for hilarity's sake.  

View from Gloriette to Schonbrunn Palace


Our First iPhone Selfie

Behind Neptune Fountain

Getting Misty at Neptune Fountain

A View Toward Great Parterre

Garden at Great Parterre

Jake and "Baby Mozart"

By Wednesday, we were back out again.  This time a stroll through the Albertina to view "Monet to Picasso", a collection spanning 130 years of art history.  We each picked our favorites from the collection-I went traditional, while Jake selected the avant-garde.

Emil Nolde "Moonlit Night" 1914

Georg Baselitz "B. fur Larry" 2006 

Thursday's outing was dedicated to Mozart.  St. Marx Friedhof Cemetery (1784-1874) is where Mozart was buried in a mass grave in 1791.  The current marker sits at what is presumed to be the correct burial site.  We quickly located Mozart and spent the rest of our time wandering the cemetery overwhelmingly filled with blank markers and stones worn down by time.  Restoration on some gravestones is taking place and we really enjoyed the spooky vibe.  Until we reached the open crypt.  Then it was time for more strudel and ice cream.  Oh and Mommy needed her gespritzer weisswein (I am learning German, one drink at a time.)

Mozart View One in A Minor

Mozart View Two in A Minor

Eternally Blank

Dont' Fear The Reaper

A Row of Stories Unknown

Friday we shopped for closets.  Really.  Stay tuned for the excitement of closet shopping in Vienna.  Makes St. Marx Friedhof Cemetery look like one hell of a party.

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