Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Postcards from Mary Lou

Dear Readers,

"A Vienna Waltz" took a break to focus on charitable and educational commitments that required (and very often drained) my creative efforts and time.  Unfortunately, I put aside the blog, but did not forget about the enjoyment found in writing, sharing and photographing our adventures.  While the commitment to charity and education continues in 2016, I hope to strike the right balance and get back to the blog.

That being said, Summer in Innsbruck is a great time to visit.  Especially when you are on a hunt for the perfect picture-postcard.

When we moved, some boxes destined for long term storage made their way into our shipment.  These small boxes contain envelopes and paper bags filled with postcards from around the world.  This collection of postcards was how Mary Lou, my Mother-in-Law, documented many of her world travels during the 1960s when she was a "corporate spouse".  Although, I really should say, when she was a busy Mom of 4, responsible for moving the family household around the World.

As you can see, the postcards have little written on them, usually a date and sometimes a line or two about the location.

It was coincidental that I came across the boxes again, well hidden in the back of a closet, before our  trip to Innsbruck.  Inside I found a stack of cards, collected during a family Easter trip from April 21-23, 1962.

While we were doing the tourist scene, I decided to recreate the postcards to the best of my ability.  It was fun for our kiddo to try to match the card to the scene and then guide Mom on how best to capture the photo.  Not surprisingly, we were able to match up many of the cards with the present day vistas.

Old Town

Golden Roof


Grauer Bar Hotel-Easter 1962

Father and Son 

Innsbruck with a view to Nordkette

Wilten Basilica

Looking forward to more postcards from Mary Lou.  It's a small connection across time for a Grandson to have with a Grandma he never met.  It is also our way of reconnecting with Mary Lou; through the eyes of a wonderfully kind woman on the adventures of her lifetime.

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