Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hot Fun in the Summertime

This Summer was full of endings and beginnings.

We begin our 3rd year in Vienna after an unforgettable trip to Tucson.  We have no way to repay our family and friends for their hospitality, support and shared good times.  These are the moments that sustain us while we are away.  

We will also miss.......air conditioning.  No matter how hot it gets in the Arizona desert, there is welcome escape into AC.  There is no true escape here, especially at night, when a tower fan and wishful thinking just does not cut it.

My morning walk brought back the sights and sounds of living in Vienna.  I practiced my "resting bitch face" along with the rest of the Viennese (yes, the men too!), navigated the throngs of tourists putting their 48 hour deodorant to the test and appreciated the beauty of this place we call home for now.

New Sculpture on The Graben



Mozart in Burggarten

On My "To Do" List

Getting Around Town

Home Station

Our Patch of Green in StadPark

Over the next week, I'll be fighting jet lag, unpacking and reconnecting with friends.  We know change is coming, but don't know what it looks like.  For the moment, we will enjoy the continuation of our Vienna Waltz.

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