Friday, March 20, 2015

Baden, Bright and Beautiful

Finally, the sweet whispers of Spring on the breeze.  Or is it the screaming of my Arizona Wildcat fan  during March Madness?  It's both, but all good with me.  Yesterday brought an opportunity to venture out of Vienna to explore Baden, a spa town located about 25 miles away.

Too much history, especially when written by this amateur, can make for boring reading-but stay with me for a moment.  Since 869, through various invasions and even a devastating fire, Baden has stayed true to its origin:  thermae, spa, healing waters.  "Everyone" made their way to Baden since the Romans, from Hapsburgs to Beethoven, Strauss and the Soviets.  The town is walkable, through neoclassic architecture, cobbled pedestrian streets, lush parks with views to the vineyards, an outdoor market and of course the spas and casino (one of the largest in Europe).  To get there is an easy ride on the local train (Lokalbahn Wien-Baden) hop on in front of the Vienna Opera.  It runs every 15 minutes.

Welcome Spring.  Great to meet you Baden.  Go Cats!


  1. Beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.