Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pipistrellos Gone Wild

This is what happens when you meet up in Milan with cousins who are traveling through Italy;  you join their club for a brief moment in time.  It's also a club you've belonged to for generations.  I met Carla and Gina in Milan following their visit with family in San Severino.  Yes, they were visiting the home-base Italian branch of the family.  People I'd like to meet someday and re-trace the footsteps of my Great Grandmother and Grandmother.  With love and devotion Carla has taken the reins of the Panicari-Martini Research Institute and continues gathering stories from all who have one to share, unraveling the mysteries and following the signs.

Shoes, Handbags and Chocolate......Enough Said


We explored Milan, hop on hop off Italian style.  That is, we explored once we were finally able to locate the stops along the route.  Then the buses arrived when they pleased.

Navigating the Maze

Milan is a city of sights.  High end shopping to street hustlers.  Il Duomo to Il Cenecolo.  Gnocchi to Gelato.  We saw as much as we could fit into two days.  Time well spent and when it comes to family, over way too fast.

Ti amo.