Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Road Trips, Had Me a Blast! Part I

The travel bug bit and off we went on a road trip to Prague.  With the promise of cold Czech beer, you don't have to ask me twice.  Of course, it was hotter than hell and the city was packed with tourists, but dodging sweaty bodies on Charles Bridge is half the fun.

Bridge of People, A View from Above

Our Street View Toward Charles Bridge

Night View to Prague Castle

This visit we used Airbnb to secure an apartment and were thrilled with the accommodation.  It was located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, directly across the street from Maisel Synagogue.  With news of the day reporting escalations in the fighting between Israel and Gaza, our time spent in the Prague's Jewish Quarter was a sobering reminder of those Jews who were murdered for being.  Slaughtered for existing.  Eerily similar to the way Hamas views the Jews in Israel today, a point not lost on us.  Prague's Jewish Quarter, with its six synagogues, town hall and cemetery was not destroyed by the Nazis.  In fact, Hitler's original intent was to gather Jewish artifacts, relocate them to Prague and create a morbid museum of an "extinct race".  Evil stuff.  If you have the opportunity to tour, spend one whole day in the Jewish Quarter, you will be moved by the experience.

Our Apartment View to Maisel Synagogue

Since this was our second visit, we knew all of the tourist spots.  This was especially important since we were taking visiting family on her first tour outside Vienna.  It was exciting to see the city through her eyes.  We even went "camp" and booked a ghost tour, only to discover more spots worth visiting again.  From the food to the views, what a fun city to explore and photograph.

Paying Close Attention to the Ghost Tour

View from Strahov Monastery

St. Vitus

Wenceslas Square

Dancing House by Frank Gehry

Street Food

The Crew

Prague is like that really hip friend you might not see for some time, but when you do, the conversation flows and the fun doesn't skip a beat.

Until We Meet Again

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