Sunday, May 25, 2014

Textil Müller

I am not a craft or sewing person.  However, I do like adventure so I accepted the invitation of my "craftier" friends to visit Textil Müller about 35 minutes outside of Vienna's center.  I think my friends tried to prepare me, but I really did not understand until we arrived.  Textil Müller is the place to go when you need something, anything, or everything related to the creative process.  Or you are just looking for something, anything or everything.


Start outside.  I bought a patio umbrella for 20 euros and found the same umbrella at the big box home and garden store for more than 60 euros.  While the good deals surround you, be prepared to slog through "treasures" in the warehouses.  It's hard not to be distracted by the Polska polka party hats and nose picking gnomes.  Actually, that is part of the fun.  This place reminds me of the wholesale shops in San Francisco's Chinatown.

A second building contains one of the largest selection of fabrics and sewing notions I've ever seen.  Throw in a fake floral section, walls of zippers, ribbons, tassels, trim, thread, sequins, boas, buttons (love the walls of new and vintage buttons!), silk ties, lace, scarves, wrapping papers, clothing and deeply discounted items damaged by the 2012 flood and you have Textil Müller in a nutshell.

Oh and then there is Herr Müller, a kind looking gentleman who greets his many fans.

I heart Textil Müller.  You will too.

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