Wednesday, March 12, 2014

There's No Place Like a Home Show

I attended Vienna's "Wohnen & Interieur" show yesterday.  A woman in front of the Messe Wien convention center was scalping a discount ticket and I apparently looked like an easy mark for 8 euros.  How did she know I don't live in a house, I don't have a garden and I love a good bargain?

Four convention halls were filled with the latest and greatest in all things home.  There were lots of sales reps standing, well, mostly sitting, looking at their own displays.  Many of them were drinking wine.  I am not kidding.  The beauty of this for the casual observer was that the "hard sell" had either taken a holiday or morphed into the buzzed sell.  In addition, each hall had its own restaurant/cafe/bar for show attendees.  My favorite was the disco lounge.  Where's my spandex and my Cosmo?

It's Raining Men......

Let's talk trends.  In kitchens, the white kitchen was king.  Sleek and shiny cabinet design, open shelving, stainless or white integrated appliances and built in-eat in areas were everywhere,  Nary a tuscan pizza oven, rustic glazed cabinet or corbel to be found.

And I thought my white kitchen was "dated"

For those kitchens, as well as bathrooms, the big slab of stone, marble or interesting ceramic was a fun contrast to the sleek, minimalistic cabinetry.  Granite had big and diverse movement, keep that in mind when picking out your "slab".  However, yours truly fell head over heels for a ceramic "cow hide" looking tile carried by Bernit.  Guess I really do miss the Southwest.

Go Big

Go Bigger


I also fell in love with the glass and crystal curtain rods and finials by Mille.  These can go retro, traditional or contemporary and I'd use them in a heartbeat.



Furniture was meh, in my opinion.  There was leather, leather everywhere--large and low sectionals with wide arms, tilt back head rests, integrated recliners, and ottomans.  As the proud owner of a 10 foot, 1961 Kroehler aqua sofa, I'll politely take a pass.  

You'll Never Leave the Couch

Give to Me Your Leather......

Dig the Saddlebags

Although, I did find some chairs that touched my retro heart. The Polygon by Prostoria was a Interior Innovation Award 2014 Winner.  I'll take 2 please.

And then there was this.  Holy 1970s Mediterranean Villa, Batman.

 On the other hand, this modern Asian inspired vignette was very popular.  Simple.  Organic.

Finally, some vintage inspired yet innovative pieces by Edra.

Of course, I am always on the look out for antiques, and this Art Deco-Jugendstil display had me hooked.  Then I discovered these pieces were updated reproductions with motorized lifts for a computer or television (left side) and even a "pop up" bar (right side).  I am all for mixing business and pleasure!   A Votre Sante friends!

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